The Centre for Geoinformatics acts as a focus for research into geoinformatics across the School of Geography and Geosciences and other disciplines at the University.

Geoinformatics involves the collection, processing, analysis and display of spatial data sets. This includes any kind of spatial data, and may include spatio-temporal data.

Application areas include health, housing, environment, physical systems and movement ecology, urban analysis and digital humanities.

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Recent News

  • GEOCROWD Summer School

    GEOCROWD Summer school ends today after 4 very interesting and exciting days. We would like to thank all our participants, keynote speakers and PIs!! Read More »
  • GIScience

    Papers from the Centre for GeoInformatics have been accepted for contributions to GIScience or its workshops: Demšar U, Reades J, Manley E and Batty M, 2014, Edge-based communities for identification of functional regions in a taxi flow network. Accepted to GIScience 2014.  Çöltekin A, Demšar U, Brychtova A and Vandrol J, 2014, Eye-hand coordination during visual search on geographic displays. Accepted to Spatial Eye-tracking Workshop at GIScience 2014.  Demšar U and Çöltekin A, 2014, Quantifying the interactions between eye and mouse movements on spatial visual interfaces through trajectory visualisations.  Accepted to Analysis of Movement Data workshop at GIScience 2014. Sila-Nowicka K, Oshan T, Vandrol J and Fotheringham S, 2014,  The Use of VGI for Spatial Interaction Modelling. Accepted to GIScience 2014 as a poster presentation. Jing Yao and Stewart Fotheringham. PyGWA: A Python Library for Geographically Weighted Analysis. Accepted as a poster for GIScience 2014 Read More »
  • Prof Fotheringham is attending the TRB meeting

    Prof Stewart Fotheringham is attending the  Transportation Research Board, Executive Committee Summer Meeting, June 26-27, 2014, National Academy of Sciences Building, Washington, D.C. Read More »
  • Dr Sandra Luque in ESCom

    ESCom will be formally launched at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation from the 29th of April – 1st May 2014. Dr Sandra Luque will be delivering a presentation entitled “Identification of ways to incorporate the notion of ecosystem services into regional management: models and scenarios”, at the Science Workshop on 29th April. The full programme of the event can be found: here Read More »
  • NAS Annual 151st Meeting

    Prof A. Stewart Fotheringham is attending the National Academy of Science 115st Annual Meeting, 26-29 April 2014. During the meeting Prof Fotheringham and the rest of the new Members Elected in 2013 are introduced to their colleagues in the Academy and sign the "Registry of Membership." Video available here - Presentation Ceremony (23:00).   Read More »